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Armed to immobilize 3 9, 4:18am

What I've proven is that the usage of one of these items a car is usage vastly more for transportation, its intended usage, than for the killing and maiming it does. Hence why there are millions of hours of usage of cars that are not done killing and maiming. Guns on the other hand have only a few other usages than killing and maiming and they barely are used for those purposes over killing and maiming. And yet one item used for transportation is more regulated in the general populace than the other that is used for vastly higher ratios for killing and maiming and is not regulated.

What you've proven is that when you use a 2 ton item in public on a daily basis for multiple hours then the likelihood of an accident happening increases. Who of thunk it? And I love how you breeze over accidental or intentional fatalities, because the fatalities of cars are almost always accidental and if they aren't then they make international news. Almost every fatality by gun is intentional meaning in those incidents those people bought those items to kill or maim someone. Please tell me how many people per day buy a car for the sole purpose to kill or maim someone?