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Armed to immobilize 3 9, 2:02pm

'@Wetmang' " And yet one item used for transportation is more regulated in the general populace than the other that is used for vastly higher ratios for killing and maiming and is not regulated. "
a) not true, b) you've proven that perceived safety of a device led to it's ubiquity and, subsequently, vastly greater death toll.

If you're not using utilitarian argument for guns, I won't let you use it for cars. As such, for the sake of argument I don't care about utility, I care about death toll.
25 thousands people per year in Europe alone are dead because of cars, hundreds of them are children. According to certain politician that is obscene, yet you're defending it.

"What you've proven is that when you use a 2 ton item in public on a daily basis for multiple hours then the likelihood of an accident happening increases. "
I've listed cities that suffered from attacks that were intentional and where car was either on par or even more deadly than attacks carried out with guns. Address the issue or don't bother replying.