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Armed to immobilize 4 9, 2:24pm

'@Isdaril' all of the above, except capitalism. I'm taking argument used against guns and flip it to the cars, so far everyone who tried to defend cars turns to utilitarian argument. So far everyone tried to use emotional argument against guns and utilitarian argument in favor of cars. I guess that makes them "left wing car nuts".

There's also a third option. In US, certain part of population and politicians representing them want to ban semi-automatic guns and shotguns after every convenient shooting. In Russia semi-auto shotguns and rifles are legal, with rifles being limited to those who owned shotguns for five years, limit on their ammo capacity is enforced weakly. We had a few mass shootings, and I don't think that at any point additional gun regulation was proposed.
What happens after mass killing of one kind or another is:
1) nothing
2) tightening security measures
3) further reduction in privacy through expanded monitoring of electronic communications, expanding list of banned internet sites and attempts to limit or ban the use of VPN and encrypted messaging applications.

Compare and contrast.