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Armed to immobilize 4 9, 4:40pm

@comrade_Comrade Hmmmmm... I kinda see some of your points but why do you think utilitarian argument is not valid ? Don't you think a car is not more useful than a gun ? I personnaly see no reasons whatsoever for almost anybody to own a gun (including myself), but owning a car seems pretty usefull in a lot of situations. I don't own one because there are lots of reasons why I think owning a car is a bad thing (not limited to the fact that they are dangerous) and I'm in a situation to do so, but I understand that some people don't really have a choice if they want to go to work or have a social life. On the other end, most people don't need a gun to go to work or have a social life. I'm not saying a life without cars is impossible, but as things are standing currently, it is really hard to enforce an immediate ban on cars because most people need to have one just to continue living, so should the government do so, it should be done gradually over the years with a lot of compensations given to those who have to move away from that mean of transportation (but i'm strongly in favor of that though). On the other hand I don't really see the problem with a hard ban on guns because they don't seem like a necessity to me (but I don't really have a strong opinion on that, this is how we roll here in France and it seems to be working pretty well, but I not particularly versed in the subject).

Now I don't really know the state of Russia right know. I was under the impression it was pretty violent so I don't really get what you are trying to say with your second point. Seems like Russia is not banning guns but it doesn't seem to get better over there either (as you mentioned you got mass shootings too) so if anything it seems your argument should be more in favor of guns regulation (though you stated you were against it so I probably don't have a good grasp on the situation). I guess my main question is : do you think what is done in Russia is a better way to handle things ? (if so you're gonna have to explain how with data because I really don't know much about either mass shootings in USA or in Russia)