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Armed to immobilize 6 9, 12:40pm

@poodle_doodle I fear that, in order to get their priorities right on this, they have to get their democracy right. USA democracy was advanced, detailed, well-designed and absolutely the best politica system the world had ever known... in 1788. Other counries have learned from it, made their own advancements, and now it is one of the oldest Constitutions of the world. And is showing its problems. From election rights, to interferences between the powers (particularly the legislative interfering with the executive, and the executive ignoring the laws - i.e. Guantanamo), to the overwhelming power of lobbies. Which is what we are now talking about. Why Americans cling to gun rights so desperately? They don't. The NRA does, and their reasons are obvious.

PS: Every comment in a place like this about complex things is necessarily a simplification. I hope you bear with me on that.