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Armed to immobilize 7 9, 8:45am

1. Prove it 2. If you're not going to refute anything I said besides a long way of saying "I know you are but what am I," then whats really the point?

You can keep harping on that comparison but it's not, it's a fallacy unless you compare the usage of both for the same application. One is used in a vastly greater ratio for killing and maiming than the other. Unless you are trying to say that more time is spent by cars killing people than guns in which case I have a random patch of land in Syria you can stand in to see how many cars try to kill you.

And I showed that cars operate for millions of hours collectively as transportation and maybe a few collected hours of killing vs the millions of hours collectively that guns are used for killing and maybe a few collected weeks of any other usage. Sorry that your comparison isn't applicable unless you actually compare the two.