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The Proposal 7 9, 11:19am

'@LogicMeister' He "specifically said" after being called out for the "fine people" comment, and both before and after made numerous comments supporting ANYONE who supported him. Indeed, Richard Spencer (One of the leading voices in White Supremacy right now) was very vocal about how proud he was of Trump NOT condemning White Supremacists.

THEN we get to the part where the "heritage" crowd who you pretend were the only ones receiving Trumpian accolades are also White Supremacists who hide behind pretense but are unambiguously racist pigs. The "Lost Cause of the South" people and the kind of folks who defend confederate statues are the kind of people who put UP confederate statues which were put up to intimidate and suppress the black vote during the civil rights movement. The American Civil War was about slavery, EVERYTHING ELSE is a lie invented to whitewash after the fact. You need look no further than the articles of secession themselves.

As for your own nazi leanings; you're a Trumper, a supporter of Trumpers, and a supporter of white supremacy movements like the Lost Causers. This is self evident.

It's ALSO where you're probably going to start lying, because Trumpers follow their leader and constantly argue dishonestly.