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Armed to immobilize 7 9, 1:15pm

@Kvaseren Times have not changed too much. We still have a "Militia" problem. Although, right now, its a bunch of paranoid, anti-government white nationalist (Neo-Nazis and the like) hillbillies who think they are above the law. The agencies like the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc, consider militia groups and white nationalists to be a greater threat to national security than groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS/ISIL.

You might have heard of "White Terrorism" on social media due to the mass shooting in Texas, but it was going on since 1995 with the Oklahoma City Bombing. It was a terrorist attack that targeted a federal building, killing over 150 people, many of them children due to it having a daycare center. And the more recent "Bundy Standoff", Militiamen had guns armed at armed federal agents, with their own family in the crossfire so that if there was a shootout, they would become martyrs in "The New Revolution". When that failed, two of them out of frustration gun-down a Walmart in Las Vegas, NV.

While most Americans want reasonable gun-control regulations and do not support the far-right Militia Movement, those white nationalist faggots are not playing with a full deck. They want to destroy the U.S. and change it in their own twisted (white straight protestant boy's club) image!