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Sand in bad places 7 9, 11:00pm

@Rosin Where I live in the Pacific Northwest of North America, there's a big military base that has a lot of forest on it. Some of it old-growth. Trees hundreds of years old. A few years ago (not sure how many) a couple of guys got caught going onto the base and cutting down some old-growth trees and selling them as firewood. This is insane. Quality old-growth lumber is gold these days, since there's very little of it left. Almost all of it is protected, and what can be logged sells for very high prices because its grain is very straight and has few knots.

But these guys were stealing it from the government (US Army base) and cutting it up to sell as firewood. It was estimated that the value of the trees they cut down was hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly over a million. And yet, these idiots only profited by $70,000-$90,000.

Luckily they were caught and convicted, but the stupidity of criminals sometimes is astounding.