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The Proposal 20 9, 10:32am

'@LogicMeister' The Mainstream News bends over BACKWARDS to help Trump, he's just so bad he can't be helped. If the mainstream media treated Trump the way it treated Clinton, Obama, or even George W. Bush Trump would already be in jail.

Ah yes, the 'you don't understand' canard. The problem is I *do* understand. The statues and confederate monuments were put up across the south to intimidate and threaten black voters. Indeed, most of them went up during the civil rights era SPECIFICALLY as a response to 'uppity negroes.' It was absolutely about racism, and preserving a culture of racism. That's the thing, I know your misconceptions and the truth behind them, you know nothing. That's your 'nuances of history'.

And then the straw man. and then the friend argument. and then another straw man. And then psychological projection.

Because that's how nazis work; can endless litany of fallacies and outright denial of reality.