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Armed to immobilize 22 9, 7:41am

@Somber While outright removing all guns sounds sensible and logical (not saying that its not, its sensible, and such) its just that if such a thing were to pass. I have no doubt in my mind that an armed resistance(s) will rise up from it. The amendments are held in an almost religious like view in America especially in the south, and mid-west (cause wildlife is an active problem in the mid-west). This is not to mention the fact there are a total of a around 276 militias in the US currently (50 of those being state funded), and while some may see these militias as being managed by nothing more than "dumb hicks" these are still *armed* militias with some of them being run by actual military trained personnel, with some even having former spec-ops members.

So while yes, it sounds sensible, and all to just outright remove guns like they have done in other countries, the US is not simply "other countries", but I feel like everyone else has already figured that out.