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The Proposal 23 9, 7:24am

'@LogicMeister' "And it clear you have TDS."
A false acronym/meme coined, promoted, and shoved in our faces by the Mainstream Media. Proving my point handily.

"How exactly is an organization that falsely makes accusations of treason, sexual misconduct & collusion about Trump helping him?"
The media defends him and plays the "both sides" card to water-down the highly-credible (if not outright proven) allegations of treason, sexual misconduct, and collusion. Sorry the mainstream media's lied to you so much, but half-scoop admitted to treason on twitter already. D2S did it again this weekend.

"Stop making up nonsensical BS solely cause you don't like Trump."
And here's where you're engaging in psychological projection. But I can only guess that you're referring to the proven fact that confederate monuments were a racist assault on civil liberties ( ) and how you don't want to believe that. If you want to start splitting hairs the specific monument in Charlottesville was constructed back in 1880-something by a confederate dead-ender who rejected Lee's statements as well as reconstruction; celebrating the Lost Cause myth at its birth. So it's just as bad, but from a different generation.

"And here's a reality check, half of America voted Trump,"
Less than a quarter, actually. Most Americans don't vote.

"if they're all Nazis"
No, just the cult-like devotees. MOST Trump supporters vote for him and remain in willful ignorance. The "omg politics bad, imma try to ignore it" exhaustion almost always works in Republican favor.

"how come they voted for a guy who's daughter, Son-in-Law & Grandkid are Jews?"
See: Friend Argument. Funny story, the neo-nazis hate, hate, HATE "race-traitor" convert Ivanka and the notorious J. Kush. They have long, hate-filled diatribes ranting about how the "liberal elite" kids are ruining Great Father Trump with their (((globalist))) machinations. Check Garrison's crazy comics featuring Kushner. They're a trip.

"And why haven't they attacked Jews in mass yet?"
They have. You were probably too busy worrying about the poor, neglected guns to pay attention to the mass shootings.

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