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The Proposal 23 9, 11:43pm

'@LogicMeister' "So basically everyone who voted for Trump is either evil, racist, apathetic, idiotic or all of the above,"

"Trump is the embodiment of evil"
No. Although it's funny how the evangelicals embrace him despite him ticking ALL their boxes on "what the Antichrist would be."

"who has all of the Mainstream elites...manipulating people to vote for him?"
Not ALL of them. Just most of them. And the actual manipulations/intentions are too multifaceted for a sound-bite. Which is arguably why you are pathologically incapable of understanding the big picture. Example: neutral media that softballs Trump because they're afraid of being accused of 'liberal bias'.

"most of whom are extremely left-leaning "
Wrong again.

"In other words, you do have TDS"
Again, a term invented by the mainstream media, doesn't actually exist.

"and try to reason with you is a waste of time"
...because you, logicmeister, are incapable of reason.

"as you'll always come up with some twisted BS to fit your worldview"

BTW, you may note that every subject change in this little dialogue was YOU choosing to ignore when you were factually wrong about something by saying, "well whatabout this?! Whatabout that?!" Like all fascists, you couldn't defend your thesis, so you had to change the subject and talk about the liberal media myth. The Friend Argument. Calling me deranged. All because you don't have an ACTUAL argument.

The original topic was neo-nazis, how they love Trump and how Trump loves them. How there is no defense of the confederate memorials that isn't either a lie or blatant fascism.