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Like in the olden days 27 9, 12:46am

Fake Mike!!!
I know a lot of things wrong with u from the first time with your stupid banana joke, and always have an amnesia when did.a bad things.
U just a racist, and also a sexual predator who sent your genital pics to woman on the internet and i was right. You pretend to be a blond sugar daddy with your 2 first fake pics that i didn't trust, your real pics are so different from that 2 fake pics. The truth u're just a zonk with debt. So.. predictable.
Sorry... i'm not an idiot woman that u can trap easily, like the other woman before me. at least i'm a true traveler and never trap someone for free hotel and the cheapest way move to other country. Your target are Finnish woman or any young european woman who want to live in Finland or any wealthy european countries, and also a virgin, it wasn't a random thing, they are your target because u just lazy jerk who almost 40 and still living with your sister. U more obsessed with Finland than Silja, U obsessed with finnish lamp before u met Silja, u just using her weakness for your own obsession to move to finland, u just selfish jerk who always thingking about yourself. U're worst than finn123 and that scanian that u always say bad things about them behind their back..

I mean... Once a month is a true care, just twice in two years that seems like a holiday for free hotel. , u were right when you said Silla is the magnet for bad guys.... Including u.
And before u mocking someone nationality, please read again about your irish ancestor who was the cheapest slaves in US, I know u have a bad motive with that stupid banana joke. bye.. giant evil O'Grady :wave: