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Gunslinger 28 9, 6:30pm

I've never been there, so I don't really know what it's like, but attempting to research it on the Internet this seems wildly misleading. As far as I can tell guns are controlled by the "Act on control and registration of firearms in Greenland", the best English version of which I can find is here:

Some key bits:
> It is prohibited, without permission from the Chief Constable of Greenland, to import, manufacture, purchase, carry, own or use [list of guns including small firearms]

This sounds like a license to me whether they call it that or not, especially in light of:

> Licences in accordance with the regulations can only be granted persons of whom no information regarding personal relations and behaviour hitherto cause misgivings in granting the application.

It does seem like reasonably loose regulations, especially with regards to weapons for hunting purposes, but nothing like what the comic suggests.