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Gotta hunt them seals.

America Greenland
28th September 2019
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5 years ago #9822648        

So that is why USA wants to buy Greenland.....

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5 years ago #9822647        

I've never been there, so I don't really know what it's like, but attempting to research it on the Internet this seems wildly misleading. As far as I can tell guns are controlled by the "Act on control and registration of firearms in Greenland", the best English version of which I can find is here:

Some key bits:
> It is prohibited, without permission from the Chief Constable of Greenland, to import, manufacture, purchase, carry, own or use [list of guns including small firearms]

This sounds like a license to me whether they call it that or not, especially in light of:

> Licences in accordance with the regulations can only be granted persons of whom no information regarding personal relations and behaviour hitherto cause misgivings in granting the application.

It does seem like reasonably loose regulations, especially with regards to weapons for hunting purposes, but nothing like what the comic suggests.

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5 years ago #9822657        

Everyone should get a gun once they reach age 14


5 years ago #9822658        

In the United States gun culture, it is not uncommon for children as young as five years old to be gifted with firearms on birthdays or holidays, although usually just small .22 rifles and such when they are that young. I got my first "hunting rifle" when I was thirteen, although saying it was "mine" is a bit of poetic license. It had been my father's when he was a boy, and later when I got a better rifle it got handed down to my brother.

What this story does not explain is that none of these firearms actually belong to the child. Legally they belong to the adult who purchased them. At least today. Back in the day when my Dad first got his rifle, such things were never registered or anything. There were no records on ownership or transfer of weapons back in the 1950's. But even back then ownership did not vest in a child, but rather in their parents (or possibly, as in my case, Grandparents.)

For that matter, my "better" rifle was a war souvenir that my Grandfather brought back from Germany in the late 1940's and had converted into a hunting rifle. There are no ownership records of it anywhere, except in my book of records and serial numbers.

These days in the United States ownership of firearms is usually a matter of record with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms based on the background check you filled out when you bought it. However, outside of official sales there may not be any record, and in some states there are few records kept even by the stores that sell them. Private sales in some states are regulated and some are not. It's confusing and problematic, and I'm not going to defend our system which I (as a firearms owner) find to be woefully inadequate to protect the public from those who should not have access to firearms.

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5 years ago #9822795        

I think Brother America needs a private moment and a cold shower just now.

5 years ago #9823473        

America: So this is love?


5 years ago #9822753        

I've never understood how the philosophy that "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is supposed to be reassuring. Surely that should be even more worrying to Americans.

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5 years ago #9822664        

And yet, the gun murder rate is so much smaller... What does that tell you?

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5 years ago #9823738        

this might not be the most relevant place to post this but my attempt to make a forum topic for it did not work for some reason

Anyway, enjoy:

Yes, I am posting a lot of these in a short time. I just started re-reading the comic and wanted to share the best political ones with you all

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5 years ago #9822653        

And now everyone should suddenly start giving Greenland chocolate bars

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