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Gunslinger 9 10, 2:33am

@Isdaril Optimally there shouldn't be a need for a force multiplier like a gun in self defense. Sometimes it just can't be avoided; many of us are lucky not to be live or work in areas where such need can exist.

When there is such situation, getting the opposition to realize that they are not facing a lonely elderly man with arthritis but one with a weapon, they might reconsider. If not, they are taking the risk that they might be receiving uncomfortably large piercings in places where they shouldn't be; it is up to them to decide to take the risk and the defendant to provide the service. Justice system can later decide if the defensive actions were justified. ("Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six", as they say in US)

But yes, display of credible means of defending oneself successfully is the first step of using a weapon for self defense, used on national level of defense every day everywhere in the world. Mutually assured destruction being the extreme case to date.