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Gunslinger 4 10, 2:19pm

@VinnyHavoc Every "gun debate" I've had started with raving about how a very specific type of gun (which is already illegal) needs to be banned!!! (Congrats, it already is!) Once you give up on trying to explain the thing they want to be banned already is... and get some actual details.... it always devolves into "ban ALL shooty things because then no one will ever commit murder ever again!!!" *sigh* The "gun laws debate" in USA never gets anywhere because one side flat out refuses to learn facts that contradict what they "already know".

That is why the gun registry for the USA is on a paper card catalogue! We haven't managed to update the laws since before computers were invented. -_- Weird when the PRO-gun side is for better regulation and the ANTI-gun side is against any law that "doesn't go far enough".