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Gunslinger 2 3, 9:15am

@RyanW Yes. I never said that wasn't so. A massive cluster of racial and economic inequality (that often combo hard to really stick it to the poor minorities) makes America not-so-great. Then the "tattered social safety net" card is played, combo'd with "near-to-nonexistant public healthcare including especially mental healthcare" and what you have is a county of several hundred MILLION people, with a great many more stressors in their lives, many of whom will have little to no economic bright spots to look forward to.

Taking away the people's guns, like, by waving a magic wand or something, won't solve the underlying issue. It'll just mean that knife and blunt object murders skyrocket. And since those people are the kinds who are more likely to be physically fit, they'll be MORE LIKELY to prevail in a violent situation.

A firearm is a tool. So is a knife, or a baseball bat, or a tire iron. The person who wields it with intent is what makes it a weapon raised against another human being.