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Gunslinger 7 8, 4:02am

You got it wrong, it's not reassurance. It's correcting what is being shown as the problem. The anti-gun groups and the media make it look like the gun just up and shot someone. As if the mere presence of a gun causes nearby people to want to kill. Many only need to be taken to a range to shoot a gun in order to convince them their perceptions are very flawed. As far as I'm concerned, you have no right to make a judgement on guns until you shoot one. I kid you not, shooting a gun has changed the opinion of hardcore anti-gun people. I suggest anyone who gets the chance to shoot a gun, to take it.

In the news, we usually hear nothing about the shooter's motivations or what lead to doing it. If we do, it's in the background or a small article at a later date. They blame the weapon and no one actually wonders why mass shootings are becoming more common because apparently having weapons available causes them. They even overshadow the victims - completely taking over the story for their anti-gun message. One kid did everything to show that he'd attack the school (again) and even wrote a poem saying he would. They left the kid to the school councilor who wasn't trained to handle such problems and no further help was given. The system failed the kid and I doubt anything was changed to help the next kid who might end up in the same spot. So their rants about guns on the news ends up in nothing being done about fixing the lack of psychiatric help people are getting here. People kill people, we should be focuses on that, not on the tool. In the absence of guns, they will just resort to other weapons... bombs, gas, knives, blunt objects, arrows, vehicles, poison... there are many ways to harm people after all.

Only recently has there been an issue with guns. Only recently have mental illnesses been so ignored. We dismantlement our entire system after deeming asylums inhumane. Now we throw the mentally ill in jail after they've become a danger to others, otherwise they are on their own. We even have a social stigma for those seeing a psychiatrist to top it off. The denser our population gets, the more these issues will crop up. As long as guns are the narrative, the rest will go unaddressed.