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Gunslinger 30 9, 10:35pm

@boring7 Come on...nobody's falling for that line anymore. Just last week the NYT had to 'correct' a story about Trump and the NRA exchanging impeachment support for reduced action on gun control, because no such arrangement existed. And before that was the 'quid pro quo' in Ukraine, that the transcript in no way supported. The entire Russian collusion saga was one 'bombshell' after another, breathlessly reported by the media, all of which never actually existed. You can go all the way back to the reporting on the infamous 'pee tape', which somehow after all this time we've never seen...

Of course, it's not just Trump. Remember all the lies about Kavanaugh that were broadcast on 24-hour loop? Or the Christian school kid who supposedly denigrated the Indian at a protest? The list goes on, and on, and on.

This is what I mean by the media being destroyed - their insane hatred for Trump blinded them to the consequences of their behavior, and now their credibility is zero. You may be the only person alive to still take them seriously, but I suppose *someone* has to be the last to know...