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Gunslinger 30 9, 10:55pm

'@Dorsai' " Just last week the NYT had to 'correct' a story about Trump and the NRA exchanging impeachment support for reduced action on gun control"
So the fact that the NRA met with Trump and had secret conversations doesn't bother you, the fact that the NYT reported a rumor about it does. I mean the NRA has been in the tank for Republicans regardless of any logic (they support 'gun-grabbing' Republicans over Democrats for goodness' sake) forever, so it's not like they'd back off from Trump regardless of his offers.

"And before that was the 'quid pro quo' in Ukraine, that the transcript in no way supported. "
He said "I want you to do me a favor". That's gotten mob bosses tossed in jail before bro.

" The entire Russian collusion saga was one 'bombshell' after another,"
And everything called a 'bombshell' was supposed to disprove it and failed. And the ACTUAL evidence showed it definitely happened. The only legal defense Trump has is, "well, our people were just so INCOMPETENT and bungling that it doesn't count!" Remember, Trump Jr. confessed to having a meeting where he tried to break the law in 2016. Russia collusion isn't really a question, it's just a fact.

"You can go all the way back to the reporting on the infamous 'pee tape', which somehow after all this time we've never seen"
Fun fact: anything proven (or provable at all) about the Steele Dossier? Proven true.

But you're not aware of any of that, you just hear the propaganda from *drumroll* THE MEDIA!!! Just because it's conservative doesn't mean it isn't mainstream kiddo.

"Of course, it's not just Trump. Remember all the lies about Kavanaugh that were broadcast on 24-hour loop?"
The lies they were broadcasting in defense of him and attacking anyone who opposed him? The lies (and truths) about sexual allegations that distracted from his shady finances that still haven't been investigated? Let's be real here, "rapist fratboy" isn't a bug, it's a FEATURE for Republican nominees. If you were rich, fraternal, and in college