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Gunslinger 4 10, 2:43pm

@boring7 Why you upset about the President have a priviate conversation with a lobbist? Have the constant press confrences, tweeting and leaks made you forget that it is NORMAL for politicians of all levels to have confedential talks to decide what they will do during the public law-making parts of their job? If they want to Impeach on those grounds... make it illegal first!

"Quid pro quo" is a legal term that requires a plausible threat to be present. Just because mobsters have made "do me a favor" into a euphisism doesn't mean the perfectly innocent, dictonary defination of the phrase goes away. They need to prove Trump made a THREAT - not that he said a phrase used in ganster movies. (Seriously, the President has free speach and "innocent before proven guilty" rights too)

Rape allegations need to be PROVEN, not just declared true baised ENTIRELY on the gender of the accuser. DNA has been amazing for that, but usually prosecuters need to make do with witness corraboration. None of the accusers were backed up by proof or witnesses. (And several of those stories Kavanaugh was even the victim of the sexual assult - not the perpratrater!)

The only "Russian collusion" was an email sent to the Trump campain OFFERING dirt. Trump Jr opened the email - that is it. No email was sent back, and no meeting ever happened. He was simply tricked into opening a spam/scam email. (Seriously, why do people keep opening those things?)