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Gunslinger 6 10, 10:18pm

'@Kin' According to conservatives, if the President has a private conversation with a lobbyist it's a huge crime...when a democrat does it. But that's the standard double-standard of conservative talking heads. Mostly though, it's rumored to have been unethical-to-illegal promises made and the people denying it are known liars.

The plausible threat was in both his conversation about military aid and in related previous conversations. What Trump said has been used by prosecutors to walk juries through QPQ and convict mobsters. Ukraine knew exactly what he meant, HE knew what he meant, you're grasping at straws.

No one believes the allegations "biased entirely on the gender of the accuser". We believe it based on multiple factors which all render the scenario highly plausible. But again, the rape story was a distraction from the crimes that can actually be proven. Rapist fratboy got away with it? Non-story. Judge had his debts paid off by mystery figures? Provable, probable, investigate-able...ignored entirely.

Half-scoop went to a face-to-face meeting seeking information he knew was illegal. 2scoops repeatedly reached out to Russians (but often the WRONG Russians). Trump and people acting on his behalf engaged in at least 3 more efforts to collude illegally which failed because of general incompetence. More happened that could not be proven because Trump obstructed investigation. To say nothing of his open conspiring on national television which was declared "legal because he did it in the open" but was absolutely serious.

But hey, that's all facts and logic. We need more obsessive Trump obedience.