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Hello my fellow children 3 11, 2:02am

I have been a fan of Halloween for most of my life, so I've almost always done the pumpkin carving bit - it's a cozy custom that lights up the dark evenings :p Last year, for the first time, we had trick-or-treaters, but I had no candy to give them, and the kids looked so very disappointed ;-; Broke my heart a little, and I didn't understand why - they should've known that Halloween isn't as big a thing in Denmark, and most people won't have candy ready for them.

So this year I went all-out with decor, costume, and candy, and I learned why they'd been so disappointed last year. Apparently, in my city, a local law had been passed dictating that the children were only to ring the doorbell on houses that had a lighted jack'o'lantern outside. I had basically set up a sign saying 'come have candy!' and didn't realize XD