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Hello my fellow children

Hello my fellow children

In several states in the U.S. you can get a fine for trick or treating if you're over the age of 14.

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1st November 2019
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4 years ago #9824131        

I use my mom's old rules:
Give candy to anyone wearing a costume.
If they don't appear to be wearing a costume, ask what they're dressed as.
If they have no answer, no candy.
If they give a bullshit answer (eg, a teen wearing normal everyday clothes, answers "A teenager"), they do indeed get candy.

The government can come kick my ass if they want. Won't stop me from celebrating Halloween.

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4 years ago #9824192        

I have been a fan of Halloween for most of my life, so I've almost always done the pumpkin carving bit - it's a cozy custom that lights up the dark evenings :p Last year, for the first time, we had trick-or-treaters, but I had no candy to give them, and the kids looked so very disappointed ;-; Broke my heart a little, and I didn't understand why - they should've known that Halloween isn't as big a thing in Denmark, and most people won't have candy ready for them.

So this year I went all-out with decor, costume, and candy, and I learned why they'd been so disappointed last year. Apparently, in my city, a local law had been passed dictating that the children were only to ring the doorbell on houses that had a lighted jack'o'lantern outside. I had basically set up a sign saying 'come have candy!' and didn't realize XD

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4 years ago #9824141        

These are pretty much all Southern States. The point is to have another reason to get young Black people into the criminal Justice system.

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4 years ago #9824130        

I'm more than happy to reward adults and teens taking the time to go out with the little ones, and you can never tell (and should never assume) whether someone's emotional maturity matches their apparent physical maturity.

4 years ago #9824592        

As far as I can find, it's purely a town in Virginia, so they have something against kids causing a ruckus, and it is just about never enforced until they see someone actually being a prick or harassing others without otherwise breaking the law

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4 years ago #9824280        

Halloween is a major event in my small town. There's a park across the street that sets up a DJ booth; we usually end up with 200-600 trick-or-treaters (depending on the day of the week Halloween falls on). We had about 300-400 this year because the weather delayed trick-or-treating to Friday. I don't care if the kid has a costume, I don't care if they're a teen, I don't care if it's someone in their 40's. If you walk up to my porch, you're getting candy. My wife and I accumulate as much candy as we can in the weeks leading up, so that we're always the last house in town that still has something left to give out.

This year, my last trick-or-treater was a little girl whose father got out of work late, and they had just started when the appointed time period for going to people's doors was ending. She had maybe 5 pieces in her little bucket. I filled that damn thing. Nobody goes without candy on Halloween, if we can help it.

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4 years ago #9824133        

I wouldn't begrudge them candy. Here's how I do trick or treating.

If you have a costume on and walk up to the door, you get a piece of candy.
If you have a particularly good costume, or run/bike/skateboard up, you get two.
If you are a parent or teen chaperoning, you can have one too.

If your parents drive you up in their car, you get an old apple and a stern warning. The obesity crisis is bad enough here and dammit, you should have to walk to earn your candy at least. Go with your friends if it isn't safe to go alone!

Granted, it turned out to be a moot point here because of the shooting here a few days ago... no one came out in my town.

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4 years ago #9824947        

Oh, U.S.A., ... What went wrong with this country?

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4 years ago #9824386        

@DanishPride unrelated to the comic but I heard the best dad joke the other day that is perfect for SATW:

Why do the Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish navies have barcodes on the sides of their ships?

so that when they get back to port they can...

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4 years ago #9824124        

naw its a rule at my house. You are wearing a costume you get candy. no matter how old you are

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