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Hello my fellow children 5 11, 10:01am

Halloween is a major event in my small town. There's a park across the street that sets up a DJ booth; we usually end up with 200-600 trick-or-treaters (depending on the day of the week Halloween falls on). We had about 300-400 this year because the weather delayed trick-or-treating to Friday. I don't care if the kid has a costume, I don't care if they're a teen, I don't care if it's someone in their 40's. If you walk up to my porch, you're getting candy. My wife and I accumulate as much candy as we can in the weeks leading up, so that we're always the last house in town that still has something left to give out.

This year, my last trick-or-treater was a little girl whose father got out of work late, and they had just started when the appointed time period for going to people's doors was ending. She had maybe 5 pieces in her little bucket. I filled that damn thing. Nobody goes without candy on Halloween, if we can help it.