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The big question 18 11, 9:03am

In the states, I've seen it many places: a separate room in newer houses, a separate closet in newer apartments... in renovated or older homes of all kinds, the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement, the master bedroom, the garage, the entry hall, the den, the rec room, the tool shed (why??), a child's bedroom. My parents built their own house, and they put the laundry machines in a "mud room" between the garage, door to the back yard, and the rest of the house-- the idea was that children covered in snow, mud, and/or other messy substances could change into clean clothes at the same time they took off their shoes, and then the dirty clothes could be washed in that very room without ever bringing outdoor messes into the house. It didn't always work in practice, because they forgot that children are usually rushing inside to use the toilet and don't have time to change clothes first. But they tried.