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Can you imagine the clipshow? 30 11, 4:54pm

@Amberglas I'm gonna say something that REALLY isn't talked about much. The "Black Card" is racist, and is used in bad ways. When someone is told they can't be hired/promoted because they are the wrong skin color - its a white person. When someone is fired from a job because of "racist language"... its always a black customers complaing about a white person. (Nevermind if the coworkers and boss can testify to their innocence - still fired!) As for the myth that cops are racist in Amerrica? Cops arrest Blacks LESS often then any other group EVEN THO more then 50% of violent crimes and homicides are committed by that tiny group that is less then 13% of the population. Cops just don't wanna deal with the "racism" charge so... they let stuff slide when the person is Black.