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Can you imagine the clipshow? 30 11, 7:08pm


I'm not sure the behaviour of the hard line remainers counts as xenophobia, although some show a clear dislike bordering on hatred of the idea of an independent Britain.;) There are moronic idiots on the leave side as well but scum like them are always about and their presence is being massively exaggerated to excuse all the abuse of Britain for its people wanting to be self-governing. Its the old tactic that's been used for millennia to demonise an opponent by seeking to attribute extreme views to them. I don't think it will prevent Britain leaving the EU and is probably making it more likely but is also probably making it more likely the UK will see the EU as a hostile body. Which is a pity as if the will had been there we could have had a friendly divorce but Brussels and its supporters insisted on playing silly buggers the turning the insults and abuse up to about 13. The Donald has gone but I doubt his replacement will be any more adult and responsible. :( Its a sample of the bias and BS that you pretend having equality is treating people like dirt.