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Can you imagine the clipshow? 1 12, 12:04am


"Both Americans and the British would do well to remember that it was them that put an end to it."

Britain and parts of the US willingly - while other parts of the US went so far as to rise up in treasonous rebellion against their elected democratic government and start a civil war in the pursuit of keeping people in slavery.

That's the problem here - parts of the US has never fully accepted that slavery was wrong to begin with and are still crying crocodile tears over their failed rebellion to keep slavery going.

The first part in the process of any wrong is ALWAYS to admit guilt and accept responsibility for your actions - and parts of the US still refuses to do that.
Which is what leaves the wound open and raw.

If parts of Germany had behaved in the same way after WWII they would rightly still have been under Allied occupation and never allowed to unite again.

The union army simply should have stayed on longer in the south after the civil war and stamped out racism, but they left to soon and let the infection remerge in the form of Jim Crow laws instead of open slavery.