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Can you imagine the clipshow? 1 12, 12:25am


"The KKK was formed from the democrat party, and no, they didn't "flip". The Republican party was LITERALLY formed to help abolish slavery."

And since then the major US parties have completely traded places on the issue of race.
The Democrats broke with their racist southern supporters during the 1960's when LBJ enacted a wide range of civil right legislation.
These supporters where then without a major party and the south instead voted for racist third party candidate George Wallace for president.
Until Nixon and then Reagan enacted the "Southern strategy" in which they used racist dog whistle politics to scoop up the racist southern vote for the Republicans - and the south have been solidly Republican ever since.

This is a matter of historic fact utterly beyond debate and you're either lying or ill-informed if you don't simply admit it.

It's kind of sad that I - living on the other side of the Atlantic - know more about your country's modern political history then you apparently do.