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Can you imagine the clipshow? 1 12, 12:38am


Your biased opinions are showing.

Everything I wrote there is just a matter of historical fact.

The southern rebellion was failed - and it was explicitly stated by the rebels themselves at the time that the reason for the rebellion was to preserve slavery.
See for instance the so called "Cornerstone speech" for clear proof of this:

Now you might not like those historical facts and prefer things to have been otherwise - many a American do - but that still won't change the historical facts.

Regarding the current situation I'll just borrow a quote from Jsconn90 who succinctly described it as such, above:

"Moreover there's a sizable chunk of the population that wishes for and actively pursues a return to such times... white supremacist and pro-Confederate rhetoric is disturbingly common in local and state level politics; Republicans bend over backwards to gerrymander minority populations into irrelevance and close more polling stations in minority population centers every year; Trump is heartily endorsed by the KKK."

Again - you may not like to be confronted with these facts - but facts they are nonetheless.