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Can you imagine the clipshow? 1 12, 1:06am


"You don't live in the US, and your really have no clue, sorry."

As often is the case, it seems not living in the US actually gives me a better chance of having a clue.
There is an awful lot of wishful thinking and mythology concerning American history and society amongst Americans - as anyone decently educated outside of the US knows.

You like to view yourself and your society (and history) in a certain way (biggest, best, "freeest", most wonderful country in the history of the world etc) - which means unpleasant truths often don't stand a chance.

"There probably is no disputing that immediately after the war, a large amount of people wished for a return to such times."

Certainly - but besides the point, as I've made no mention of anyone wanting to "return to such times".

What I wrote is that "parts of the US has never fully accepted that slavery was wrong to begin with and are still crying crocodile tears over their failed rebellion to keep slavery going"

So you're arguing against something I never actually said - which is known as a straw man argument.

Regarding my claim about people "crying crocodile tears over their failed rebellion to keep slavery going", look no further then the "Lost Cause" mythology - which is still alive and strong in the US south:

"Furthermore, our FBI has this small number of individuals on their watchlist. "

Some of them, sure - but your president and the Republican party is actively producing new recruits every day with their words and actions.