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Can you imagine the clipshow? 2 12, 2:28pm

1) So are you an ignorant idiot or just another worthless liar!
I suppose both are possible for either of us.

2) Apart from the point another poster making about you cheapening slavery by comparing it with other forms of discrimination
Opression isn't a spectrum. Slavery is many horrible things, but it isn't hypocritical. To say that all people are free, to put it in the constitution that they are equal, and then to make them as slaves, to exploit them even more completely than when they were slaves, is far worse. You could escape slavery because it was there. You can't escape rules and laws that subtly work to oppress you in a hundred different ways.

3) I'm getting bloody fed up of people excusing their hate rants about the UK by pretending its some sort of semi-fascist state.
The that to Magdalina Howlett.

4) Look at your own pigsty 1st given how much hatred and bigotry its spewing out.
I am very, VERY aware of the failings of my country but as of yet murder is still wrong.

5) For your information, not that your phobia about facts will allow you to accept it, we have so many eastern Europeans here because of a more open and tolerant system.
The system can not tolerate, only people can, and of late much of England has been woefully intolerant. However, my point still stands. You don't want to do immigrant jobs, you want someone that's dehumanized so you can spit on them.

6) Both economically and when those countries were 1st admitted to the EU Britain was the only major power that didn't take up the option of restricting immigration from them.
Then your actions today not only disgrace you today, but also your actions of fifteen years ago.

7) True I don't think Blair expected so many to come - projections were about an order of magnitude less - but that's why Britain has so many people from eastern Europe here and many have settled into the country and hopefully will be here for the foreseeable future, despite the EU.
What you did and what you are doing are two separate things. That you were better people than you are now is a tragedy, and one I know full well. When you see exploitation for what it is, you have two choices. Deny it, or deal with it. You're choosing the former. Choose the later. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go remind myself that murder is wrong as I watch my country slide further and further into madness.

Good day.