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Can you imagine the clipshow? 4 12, 2:04am

@NaCltyGrl I live in the US.

You're absolutely wrong in the water, there. XD

I live near some of the cities that've seen a spike in hate crimes since such opinions have been curated, again--for the purpose of votes. Think single-issue voter. Think Charleston.

Think about the person who came up to me at the grocery store, and butted into a conversation with my family, about how "the brown people" were filthy, didn't deserve to live in this country, took up too many resources, were violent, and should be booted out--and not be given shelter after natural disasters, because reasons above.

I looked right at him and said, "That's unAmerican, sir." ...and got my family out of there.

He was one of two that same year. They've been emboldened, and statistics back it up. Go look up phrases such as "recent rise in hate crimes," look up violence against black churches, and please don't forget Charleston ever happened.

These folks aren't a majority--they're just being given a voice and feeling of empowerment, when they shouldn't be.