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Can you imagine the clipshow? 4 12, 10:19pm


Once again you're pushing the same false straw man - now on ruggs.

He/she never claimed anyone "wish for OR actively pursue a return to those times" (as in a return to slavery) - but STILL - despite the fact that I pointed this out before - you continue arguing against a claim NO NONE has made!

This is obviously because it's a more comfortable position for you then to argue against what I and ruggs are actually saying - that there are a whole lot of racists in the southern US.

Now they may or may not want a return to slavery - that's besides the point entirely (and again, and I can't stress this enough apparently - nothing either of us have claimed to be the case).

Ruggs and I - and many with us - still agree it's bad enough that they are racist.

Which leaves you with exactly two options here - agree or disagree.

You choose neither, because you where obviously uncomfortable with neither, and instead invented a third option by pretending that ruggs and I claimed something completely different and then attack that fantasy instead.

I think most people can see how hollow this argument is so please just stop wasting time pushing it.

If you're OK with racists, just say so.
By now we all expect you are anyway, since you seem so uncomfortable with accepting the reality that there are an awful lot of racists in the southern US.