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Can you imagine the clipshow? 4 12, 11:25pm

@LeeNTien Indeed. Howevere there were various policies in the past that helped segregate based on skin color during the developmental phases of those neighborhoods. That's why many of the poor neighborhoods are primarily one color, because of various incentive programs meant to raise people up that had fine print to primarily benefit white americans. Amusingly if the division had happened naturally it'd be far less of a race issue because the neighborhoods wouldn't of been so segregated by race without said policies and a more melting pot situation would of arose even if chances are there would be a fair amount larger economically weak areas.

While the problems as they are today exist everywhere, the causes of it being heavily biased on race date back over half a century. That said, there's also plenty of white trash neighborhoods too-though even then those neighborhoods are primarily low income white people not a mixture of races due to the designs that helped segregate housing arrangements in the past with incentives and bonuses tweaked to be targetted. It's not like the US had any real issues with that-our immigration qoutas were changed like ten times on the essential justification that not enough "Propper" immigrants were coming in which basically meant white northern european protestants at the time, so they kept tweaking the dates the qoutas were based on to be ever more heavily in favor of them as opposed to say italians or spanish immigrants. So the US has a fairly long history of paper divisions in their legislation :P