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Can you imagine the clipshow? 5 12, 1:39pm


You lie. The coverup of the muslim rape gangs in England is well documented. Here's one authoritative link to get you started, I could spend all day finding others:

The rape gang in Rotherham was so large that the National Crime Agency is still investigating years after the local authorities were finally shamed into doing something and they've had to launch Operation Stevewood and recruit additional officers to try to uncover it all:

There's been so much coverage of this that I do not believe for a second that you honestly believe that it wasn't covered up.

The muslim rape gangs got away with their crimes for so long precisely because rape apologist scum like you scream 'Islamophobia" every time someone points out hard truths about Islam's treatment of women. Such as, for example, believing that girls are available for sex (rape) from the age of 9. So much for 'not making excuses for child molesters'. These gangs were (and probably still are) all over England and have been found in other European countries. I've no doubt they exist in your country. And you will be there making excuses for them.

You are a vile mysoginist.