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Can you imagine the clipshow? 5 12, 7:12pm


No, I don't - but please do try to prove your claim by citing the specific quote in which you claim I have lied, and then prove that with a reputable source.

Neither do I in fact believe that you are knowingly lying - you're probably too wrapped up in your own hatred to be able to see the illogic of your own argument.

First of - Zenon's post that I replied to claimed that "England sweeps it under the rug ".
This is disproved by the simple fact we know about it, and the links you posted.
England is certainly not trying to sweep this under the rug.

If Zenon had moderated his statement to "England DID sweep this under the rug", the statement would still have been false - because obviously not ALL of England participated in an elaborate cover-up.

But in the mental space fundamentalists like you live in, it seem entirely plausible of course, that (almost) ALL of England engaged in a massive cover-up - because only you and fellow fundamentalists like you accept the "truth" that Islam is evil.
And everyone else - who doesn't share your "truth" - are part of this cover-up.

In the real world however - as you first link expressly states - this was a case of failure in leadership in one local council in England, and the local police.
There is no evidence or reason to believe that this was in any way known or dealt with at a higher or wider level.

So what you have here are individual people failing in their responsibilities - which does not a nation-covering cover-up make. In the real world, that is - but of course details like facts and proof are unimportant to fundamentalists like you.
You already "know" the truth, of course.

Further more, Zenon talked about "Muslim Child-Grooming Gangs", which is wrong in two ways.

Firstly there was one gang - so no "gangs". But again - you already know they are everywhere of course - you've already said so.

And secondly, and more importantly - they're not "Muslim".
The people who committed the crimes in this instance happened to be Muslim - but that doesn't mean their religion is the defining part of this group or individuals in it, or that their religion had anything to do with it, frankly.

Again - you obviously "know" it did and anyone who disagrees with you is part of the massive cover-up. I know.

But I've yet to see you or any other islamophobic fundamentalist talk about Christianity's responsibility for the fact that catholic priests systematically molested children for decades (probably more like centuries in reality) all over the world, and that this was fully know by the church and that they where protected by the church and ultimately the Vatican.

If a group of child molesters who are Muslim in one English town are proof that Islam as a religion condones or even encourages child molestation - like people like you claim - then surely decades or centuries of systematic child molestation perpetrated by priests in the catholic church and know by the Vatican, must prove that Christianity is evil?

I'd say there is a much stronger argument to be made for that, since the pope in catholic teaching is God's chosen representative on earth and all.

But yet - not a peep out of people like you about that.

Which of course is because people like you don't actually give a crap about children being molested or women being mistreated - UNLESS it's Muslim perpetrators who happened to have done it.

Then and only then are you interested - because that again "proves" in your minds the "truth" that Islam as a religion is evil and all Muslims therefore are either evil, or at least uttely suspect.

While you don't go around claiming the same thing about all Christians - despite the fact that their priests have been raping children with the Vaticans knowledge and blessing for god knows how long.

So, your islamophobia is very easy to spot.