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I'm Moving 28 12, 10:02am


While the irony is tempting, we do recognize that such a thing is of no practical use, and nor would we find the ongoing expense of maintaining and manning it feasible.

I don't hear much about US tourists coming up here all that often, though I'm sure we have them (nature enthusiasts, for example. I'm equally sure they're outnumbered significantly by "Snowbirds"; well-off Canadians who own or rent homes in Florida or California and spend the worst few months of the winter down there. Keeping a circular flow across the boarders is in our best interest and theirs (seriously, all it would take for Florida's economy to crumble is for the Canadians to stay home for a couple years).

Mind you, the Snowbirds "fly south" for winter on PLANES, almost exclusively, so it's not like a wall would impede them much as it it. Just another way it would be pointless.