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City of Nightmares 3 1, 1:11am

You wrote : "Apparently the only cure for the "Paris Syndrome" is to leave France and never return."

There's another cure... visit France, visit
- Alsace and drink its excellent wines while tasting its cuisine;
- Brittany and enjoy a week at a spa, eating fish and grilled lobster or oysters;
- the Loire valley and its romantic châteaux, and... drink its outstanding wines; additional must-do in the Loire, between spring and autumn, you must visit Chaumont-sur-Loire and its festival des Jardins, 3 dozen garden projects that change every year;
- the Dordogne and try its famous truffle omelette
- the Basque country in the south-west, try its Espelette pepers, its ham, and try a first flight in glider over the Pyrenees, gliding with the vultures
I'll leave other people who wish to give other hints. But just as the US is not New York, the UK is not London, Japan not Tokyo... France mustn't be reduced to Paris, even if one can spend a year and still not have seen it all.