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City of Nightmares 8 1, 12:46am

Paris, France has a special place in the hearts of Americans and Brits, and I surmise it has to do with WWI. When the soldiers of America and Britain were granted leave from the frontlines, they got to spend a few days in Paris. They got drunk and had a hell of a good time, since most of the young men of Paris were also on the frontlines, and the young women weren't, the stay in Paris was an extra happy one. Given that they were defending France they were probably treated well by the Parisians as well.

There is no wonder that there was a whole generation of men who shaped the culture of the 20th century with the idea that a night in Paris was something magical, because for them, it absolutely was. The Paris they knew and loved is no more of course, but the idea still lingers on.