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The odd man out 12 1, 3:36pm

@MrOdinlemont Thank you! That's the only right way!

I don't get this "everything gets better if a woman is our head of state" sh*t. They only say it because of Angela Merkel, but lisen up you idiotic left-progressiv idiots: Merkel had enough experience when she got in office. She was not an amateur, unlike this women who really only got the job, because they are women!

Not everything (if anything) gets automaticaly better just because you choose a woman as leader of a country! Finland is a very good example for this! No experience plus a situation where you have to act swiftly and diplomatically nearly resulted in the dissolving of the new government.

When you want real change, don't grab the first femal politicians you can get and make her the head of state, but change the very fabric of the political parties and the system in the society. Ask yourself *why* there are so many experienced and competend men but so little women in high positions. Why most femal politicians are still humiliated or ignored, even if they're right with what they say. If the system is changed, things will truely get better, because half of the population is no longer ignored.