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Cutting ties 2 2, 5:09am

And the fallout has just begun with news leaking that the EU will now obviously side with Spain on the issue of Gibraltar, handing Spain a de facto veto on any deal with the EU for Britain:

I told Brexiters this would happen before they left - including one on this site - but of course they didn't listen.

Anyone who knows their European history knows that Britain for centuries sought to secure it's position of influence by playing out different European powers against each other, making sure that no European power became to strong to threaten them on their island.

Joining the EU was a logical step in this historic tradition, to make sure the big powers France and Germany didn't get to set the agenda in Europe alone.

And now, in leaving the EU, Britain is breaking with a geostrategic policy that has served her extremely well for all those centuries.

Instead of playing out different European nations against each other, she has put herself at odds against more or less all of them, united in the EU.

Which inevitably will lead to the EU backing Spain on Gibraltar and Ireland on Northern Ireland for instance - because the EU will obviously ALWAYS back the interests of member states over the interests of non-member states.

Britain has thus seriously weakened her own influence in Europe and that will undoubtedly have negative consequences for her in many ways in the years to come.