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Cutting ties 2 2, 5:26am

'@ASlyMagpie' Scotland's big obstacle is Spain. If they make it look easy for a broken-off piece of a state to get back into the EU with "minimal trouble" then several chunks of Spain will try to do exactly that. Spain doesn't want that, so they're going to scream at the EU to not allow that.

Northern Ireland? My prediction is that Bojo's Tories will do what they did for years; kick the can down the road and hope someone else does something to take the blame. They'll do a whole lot of NOTHING, and expect Ireland to do it instead. Ireland will either have to "secure" the border (making violation of the Good Friday agreement somehow their fault, even though it isn't) or take an equally hands-off approach. In the latter scenario, there's a massive illegal trade/smuggling operation within 6 months and shocking revelations of horrible crimes (think "dead kids in shallow graves") that forces the issue.

The Troubles will return soon after, and while lots of fingers will be pointed it's actually going to be Bojo the Clown's fault.