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Cutting ties 2 2, 6:07pm


No, of course not yet - because virtually nothing has changed yet.

Britain and Gibraltar still enjoys the exact same benefits of being an EU member for the rest of this year, at least.

It's what comes after this transition period that will actually bring the consequences of Brexit - and nobody knows exactly what they will be now, because that depends on the deal Britain makes with the EU.

What is clear is that it won't produce what the leaders who sold Brexit to the British public has claimed - because they have promised things that the EU simply never will accept.

Which is why basically every expert with any knowledge on the complexity of the negotiations ahead and Britain's economy said already before the referendum that Brexit would be bad for Britain.

To which the Brexiters answered "to hell with experts!", basically.

So, when the consequences of Brexit actually hits home - that's when we'll see what the population of Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the rest of the UK actually thinks about it.

Up until then it's just speculation - except all the experts agree it's going to be bad.
The question is just how bad, really.