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Cutting ties 2 2, 6:32pm


The exact words where "I think people of this country have had enough of experts..." - which is basically the same as "to hell with experts!".

This was said by Michael Gove when pressed by a journalist on why basically every organisations representing any knowledge on the issue said that Brexit was a bad idea, before the referendum.

See for yourself:

His partner and current PM Boris Johnson then some months after the referendum added "Fuck business!" for good measure, when met with criticism over his Brexit stance by business leaders.

These are idiots who know nothing and listens to no one who does - and they're going to screw their own country massively.

The EU and the Euro are different things, Sweden after a referendum chose not to adopt the latter - which was the smart move.

I voted against adopting the Euro - as I voted against joining the EU in the first place.

You have no idea where I actually stand on the EU - you're arguing with a fantasy of your own creation.

But regardless of where I stand on the EU, or if Sweden did or didn't adopt the Euro, it's still a fact that it's a massive mistake for Britain to leave the EU.
One that was sold by lying demagogues to an ill-informed electorate in a stupid referendum which didn't even spell out what people voted for.

And as a consequence, it'll cost Britain dearly in years to come.

All that remains to be seen is how dearly and in what way she'll be forced to pay the price.