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Cutting ties 2 2, 7:56pm


Which is a good demonstration of why leave won. If the EU had been willing to show even token respect for Cameron's request for some improvement in the UK's position leave might well have lost. However their got so contemptuous of ordinary people, in the UK and elsewhere and blinded by their own delusions of every growing centralisation that they cocked it up royally.

This is still going on. There was a classic example the other day when they were covering the 'leaving' - although we won't actually be doing so until the negotiations are completed, hopefully Johnson is right for once and it will be the end of this year. Some idiot in the EU Parliament was sounding off about Brexit starting when Britain got a partial rebate for its excess payments, which is rubbish. He also went on to say that Britain [and by implication other nations] should have been forced into both the single currency and the Schengen Agreement - although how the hell he expected that to occur I don't know. Basically bigoted fanatics have far too much power.

Similarly there was an interview with someone from the Irish government where he was asked about some insults from the Irish PM - which he definitely didn't deny occuring but waffled to avoid giving an actual answer.

Schattensturm does have a point in that politics and politicians have abused the people badly, probably more in Britain that elsewhere in Europe because of our FPTP system. As such a simple yes/no vote where the actual majority mattered and hence individual votes counted probably played a part with a protest against both London and Brussels.