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Cutting ties 2 2, 8:24pm


Well you can make excuses for the extremists and the bigots but its only the EU that's determined to kill off the GFA. Yes elements of the Irish imperialist movement are going to go back to murdering people - that's already happening if you actually noticed. Also the EU is likely to try and blame Britain for the results of the EU's playing with fire. Which is also going to cause concern in other areas with violent anti-democratic groups about the EU's behaviour.

Don't be confident that a return to violence will make a united Ireland a probability. People trying to murder you because you simply exist and disagree with them don't tend to endear their 'cause' to their planned victims. The majority of the population are still Protestant and the primary reason they have no interest in Irish unity is because groups like the IRA have prevented it by their bigotry.

Britain has always taken the view its up to the people of N Ireland who governs them and it was a sign of the changes south of the border that Dublin finally accepted that in the 1990's. If the north did decide for reunification then that's fine by me and most people in Britain as long as the people of the province freely choose that. If its partly due to murderous terrorist that's a different matter and also Dublin may not be that welcoming to a million resentful Protestants somehow forced into their state, albeit the latter is a lot more tolerant than in previous decades.

This problem is being caused by the EU's control obsession and its often stated commitment to the view that Britain must clearly fail as a state to frighten others out of considering leaving. If the EU does force Dublin to close the border because Britain becomes an independent state its no one's fault other than the EU no matter what liars like Barnier say.